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There is a present need to accurately monitor the health of our reefs in a quick and efficient manner. AI/Robots on the Reef (AI/ROR) proposes to accomplish this through the use of intelligent drones and Artificial Intelligence. The earlier a problem can be detected, the sooner a response can be mounted. A global database will be created to store species of corals unique to each proposed location. AI/ROR details the best practices for collecting Photogrammetric images and provides the tools necessary to obtain them.

•MOSS AI will design a deep neural network-based enterprise, with object detector and classifier that will detect, classify and locate an object from camera streams, which will include a timestamp with no need for human intervention.

• This classifier will classify different types of reef and detect their location from the acquired data/image/video.

• Can upload there labeled data, manage uploaded data, review output results for that data and pass such image data to deep learning engine (Training of custom models will necessitate specific protocols to train state of the art deep learning models.
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