Inspired by nature, we are a collection of multidisciplinary industry experts in the fields of computer ,civil, electrical, robotic, computer, and mechanical engineering. We also have a undeniable passion for life and phyiscal scienes. We are software developers, students, professional geeks , and professors!


We all share a undeniable true passion for technology to make things "HERE" on earth more pleasant!


MOSS AI/ML is an Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning, research, software development company, located in Carlsbad CA. We provide real-time insight to complex BIG DATA problems in a variety of disciplines such as: computer vision, geospatial Intelligence, cybersecurity, Intelligent gaming, Life & Physical Sciences and most common social and  economical issues (smiles).


We build, design, custom black-box computer solutions. Each box contains its own 3D-5D-DNN/CNN and multiple highly accurate customized models, based off of Life-Gen MOSS 2.0 technology, MAIA, STOA frameworks, methods and techniques.


MOSS AI Analytics software helps people and companies update their workflow systems and processes into the new digital era!


 HOW WE DO IT:  We use Extensive Objective Truth Methods based on life-long MAIA 2.0 Cold Statistics!  



AI. ----------  AI FOR GOOD !


We solve problems 



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